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Introducing the Mesmerizing Mykonian Architecture

Mykonos is a splendid destination in Cyclades, a place where dreams come alive and an island that never sleeps. It is a gem in the Aegean, with the whitewashed buildings structured amphitheatrically and overlooking the infinite blue of the sea and sky. The distinctive architecture of Mykonos will make you fall in love with the island, every nook and cranny.

Each picturesque neighborhood, styled in alignment with nature’s elements. The white from the clouds and the waves, the blue from the waters of the Aegean and the light blue sky. As you are strolling up and down the traditional cobbled pathways, take in the unique character of the settlements. Search for the windmills, the iconic landmarks of Mykonos that drove the economy for centuries on the island. They are found on the highest peaks of the island, so as to generate power from the wind.
But Mykonian architecture holds yet another secret. There is a neighborhood matching no other on the island. Little Venice is a colorful neighborhood right on the verge of the sea, carrying a long-standing tradition. The local merchants built their houses with Venetian influences, always keeping in mind that pirates ruled the Aegean. So they needed special architecture that allowed them to load and unload everything within minutes. This is why the specific location was picked, as well as the unique structure.

Welcome to Mykonos, a true Cycladic gem where antitheses are blended magically. Explore the exquisite Mykonian architecture, which combines the traditional Cycladic style along with special touches of cosmopolitan flair, international influences and genuine natural beauty!
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