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Syrtaki Dance: Have a Taste of Endless Greek Fun

Syrtaki is a par excellence Greek dance. It has been made known worldwide by the legendary Antony Quinn and Zorba the Greek. In this amazing film, Zorba teaches his fellow companion how to dance Syrtaki the right way. Proudly, without any fear or hesitation. This dance is an expression of your deepest, most authentic emotions. It is Zorba’s Dance, a dance that pays tribute to freedom and originality. There is nothing counterfeit about that.

In Mykonos, Syrtaki Dance is hosted every year to celebrate the uniqueness of this prominent Greek dance. This is the living history of Mykonos and Greece, passed on from generation to generation. Under the guidance of Ioannis Vlassopoulos and his wife, Anna, all attendees master the steps of Syrtaki and they gather together in absolute harmony. They dance wearing the classic clothing for Syrtaki, meaning white top and jeans. Simplicity at its finest, not only in the way the dancers dress. Doric style is embraced in the steps and figures of the dance, too. Nothing superfluous, nothing unnecessary.

If you are interested in Syrtaki Dance, then Tagoo Hotel will thrill you. The proud owners organize Syrtaki Dance Lessons in the hotel, as well as Greek Dance Nights. Endless moments of fun, with special Greek music and ample space for dancing the night away. Express yourself, dance and move to the rhythm, master the steps of Syrtaki and laugh with your heart. In an inspiring setting, you will be motivated to indulge in entertainment the Greek way! Join us!
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