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The Splendid Mykonian Touch in Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine is world renowned as healthy and nutritious diet. When in Mykonos, you will realize that Mediterranean cuisine is taken to the next level! With a wealth of local products combined to perfection, every single dish becomes a true culinary masterpiece. The quintessence of healthy living is inspiring and mouth-watering, despite what many would think.

In Mykonian recipes, you will discover the richness of flavors and the enchantment of aromas. Fresh fruit and vegetables are used literally everywhere, adding colors and flavors to dishes. Whether they are used as part of a salad, appetizer or main course, such fine ingredients highlight the freshness of each recipe. And always topped with extra virgin olive oil of the finest quality standards, Greek dishes are a true delight!
Among the most popular local products in Mykonos, kopanisti is a local traditional cheese of soft, creamy texture and spicy, salty flavor. It is a product of protected designation, complementing wonderfully appetizers and salads. Then, there is louza, or else the Mykonian prosciutto! One of the finest varieties in cured meats, louza comes from pork and is cured with spices and condiment that add to its rich flavor.

Of course, the wealth of the Aegean is highlighted in the high quality fish and seafood found in Mykonos. You will be able to enjoy the fresh catch of the day and taste the authentic flavors of the most delicious fruit of the sea! And all these treats are accompanied by local wine, chilled to perfection. Fruity and spicy aftertaste, exotic aromas and distinctive touches of extra flavor make wine the perfect drink for every meal in Mykonos. Just ask the sommelier to suggest the ideal wine for the specific food you are about to enjoy.

Explore the mouth-watering delicacies of Mykonos, whether you choose to dine at a high-end restaurant or at a picturesque tavern by the sea. And never forget the spectacular simplicity of the absolute street food, souvlaki!
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