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Whitewashed houses and churches, blue shutters and purple bougainvilleas. Cobblestone paths leading to quaint neighborhoods. Imposing windmills standing tall on the highest peak of the town. Chic boutiques, cafés and restaurants overlooking the Aegean. Pelicans walking leisurely, waiting for you to pet them or, even better,  give them a treat! This is what Mykonos Chora is all about. The island's capital, attracting travelers from all over the world. One of the most photographed places in the world!
Among the major attractions of Mykonos Town is Little Venice. This special neighborhood extends by the waterfront and features colorful traditional houses on the edge. These houses differ from the rest of the island and have now been transformed into bars and restaurants. In fact, they resemble the iconic city of Venice. That is why the name “Little Venice” was chosen, replacing the name “Alefkandra”. Rich merchants and seamen lived in the area. The distinctive architecture of the houses protected them against pirates, allowing easy load and unload of supplies - a smart way to stay safe.
In a short distance, the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos offers a great opportunity to catch up with the island's history. And if you wish to spend a day by the beach, Megali Ammos or Large Sand is an excellent option. It is quiet and not over-crowded, with fine sand and azure waters. Although it is notas popular as some other Mykonos beaches, it is a great choice for walking-distance dives.
Explore Mykonos Chora and discover its unique treasures. Feel its magical aura and enjoy the sunset at Little Venice – a truly magnificent experience you should not miss!
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